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Hadas began her career in caregiving 20 years ago, as a caregiver herself. While caring for her clients, she enrolled in nursing school and graduated from the nursing program at Santa Monica College. She worked as a registered nurse at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles for nearly seven years, later returning to school for her baccalaureate degree in nursing at Cal State University Los Angeles. During this time, she also completed the requirements for the gerontology certificate, and graduated Magna Cum Laude.

Hadas started CarenetLA, an in-home care agency, with her father in 2004, with a vision to care for clients as she would want to be cared for.  While working in her company, Hadas saw a need for improved medication management particularly among her older clients.  To fulfill this need, she created Med Divide, which hires a specialized group of RN’s who are qualified to sort and organize medications, as prescribed by the client’s physicians. Hadas also saw the need to check and balance the interactions of OTC and prescribed drugs, which Med Divide accomplishes directly with the client’s pharmacist and physicians.

With Med Divide, you can trust that you and/or your family member have the right medications divided for the right time.

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