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Can my caregiver divide medications into pill boxes for me?

According to the California Department of Social Services (fact sheet published in April 2017), "Home Care Organizations and Home Care Aids MAY NOT provide medication assistance (fill pill boxes for clients and/or assist the client in taking medications). Caregivers may only remind clients to take their medications.  There is no "medication waiver" that will allow home care organizations or aids legal authority to assist with or provide medication."

Why would I/my family member/friend need Med Divide?
Med Divide uses the expertise of professionals to organize your loved one’s medications within their own home.  Med Divide’s nurses take the time to ask questions, get to know clients and their baseline state of health, including any emotional/physical challenges.  During each visit, our nurses will chat with the clients and document any changes in the client’s wellbeing.  If necessary, our nurse will call your doctor’s office to set an appointment for an immediate medical evaluation. 

Our services reduce the risks for:

  • The potential for drug-induced injuries

  • Continued use of unnecessary or expired medications

  • Negative drug interactions

  • Side effects

  • Over-medication

How Many visits are included in the monthly monitoring?
The special monthly package includes up to 2 visits per month, but more can be added as needed, at a reduced rate.

How would I get notified of changes in my family member’s medications?
Med Divide maintains strict HIPAA compliance.  With the client’s permission, you will be notified of any changes in your loved one’s medications.

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