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For Providers

Are you aware of every OTC medication your patients are taking before prescribing more medications?


With the challenge of an aging population with a growing list of chronic conditions, complete medication reviews for each patient are not always possible in routine patient visits.  A patient might come in with a complaint and request to be treated for that one problem.   

There is often a big disconnect between what happens in your office or in the hospital, and what happens in the patient’s home.  Are you sure the patient is taking everything as prescribed, the right dose at the right time, and not taking a cheaper OTC medication instead?  OTC medications, herbal medications and supplements can cause negative effects if taken with certain prescribed medications.  These interactions can affect the patient’s wellbeing and cause more side effects which can increase the medication intake of the patient.   

Med Divide can simplify your practice by reviewing all the medications your patients take, including all the supplements, herbals, and OTC medications.  Your patients will feel better, have reduced health care costs and have better outcomes from your prescribed treatments.

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